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Silva, TL, Rambo RS, Rampon RS, Radatz CS, Benvenutti EV, RUSSOWSKY D, Schneider PH.  2015.  2015 - Covalently Immobilized Indium (III) Composite (In/SiO2) as Highly Efficient Reusable Catalyst for A3-Coupling of Aldehydes, Alkynes and Amines under Solvent-Free Conditions. Journal of Molecular Catalysis. 399:71-78.
Naciuk, FF, Vargas DZ, Montes D'Oca CR, C.C. M, RUSSOWSKY D.  2015.  2015 - One Pot domino reaction accessing gama-nitroesters. Synthesis of GABA derivatives.. New Journal of Chemistry. 39(3):1643-1653.
Treptow, TGM, Figueiró F, Jandrey EHF, Battastini AMO 5, Salbego CG, Hoppe JB, Taborda PS, Rosa SB 6, Piovesan LA, da D’Oca CMR, Russowsky D, D’Oca MMG.  2015.  2015-Novel hybrid DHPM-fatty acids: Synthesis and activity against glioma cell growth in vitro. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. In Press
FIGUEIRO, F, MENDES F, CORBELINI P, JARANELLI F, JANDREY E, RUSSOWSKY D, BATTASTINI A, EIFLER-LIMA V.  2014.  2014-A Monastrol -derived Compound, LaSOM 63, Inhibits Ecto-5’Nucleotidase/CD73 Activity and Induces Apoptotic Cell Death of Glioma Cell Line. Anticancer Research. 34(4):1837-1842.
Radatz, CS, do Soares LA, Vieira ER, Alves D, Russowsky D, Schneider PH.  2014.  2014-Recoverable Cu/SiO2 composite-catalysed click synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles in water media. New Journal of Chemistry. 38:1410-1417.
Affeldt, RF, de Borges ACA, Russowsky D, Rodembusch FS.  2014.  Synthesis and fluorescence properties of benzoxazole-1,4-dihydropyridine dyads achieved by a multicomponent reaction. New Journal of Chemistry. 38:4607-4614.
Brinkerhoff, RC, Tarazona HF, de Oliveira PM, Flores DC, D'Oca CDMR, Russowsky D, D'Oca MMG.  2014.  Synthesis of β-ketoesters from renewable resources and Meldrum's acid. RSC Advances. 4:49556-49559.
Rodrigues, MO, Cantos JB, D’Oca CMR, Soares KL, Coelho TS, Piovesan LA, Russowsky D, da Silva PA, D’Oca MMG.  2013.   Synthesis and antimycobacterial activity of isoniazid derivatives from renewable fatty acids. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 21(22):6857-7230.
STUEPP, CS, FIGUEIRO F, MENDES FB, BRAGANHOL E, BERNARDI A, FROZZA RL, SALBEGO CG, CANTO RFS, RUSSOWSKY D, EIFLER-LIMA VL, BATTASTINI AMO.  2013.  Activity of LaSOM 65, a Monastrol-derived Compound, Against Glioblastoma Multiforme Cell Lines. Anticancer Research. 33:4463-4470.
da Costaa, JS, Lopes JPB, Russowskya D, Petzhold CL, de Borges ACA, Ceschi MA, Konrath E, Batassini C, Lunardi PS, Gonçalves CAS.  2013.  Synthesis of tacrine-lophine hybrids via one-pot four component reaction and biological evaluation as acetyl- and butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 62:556–563.
AFFELDT, RICARDOF, BENVENUTTI EDILSONV, Russowsky D.  2012.  In-SiO2 composite catalyst in the solvent-free multicomponent synthesis of Ca2+ channel blockers nifedipine and nemadipine B. New Journal of Chemistry. 36:1502-1511.
RUSSOWSKY, D, MARQUES MV, RUTHNER MM, FONTOURA LAM.  2012.  Metal chloride hydrates as Lewis acid catalysts in multicomponent synthesis of 2,4,5-triarylimidazoles or 2,4,5-triaryloxazoles. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society. 23:171-179.
AFFELDT, RF, IGLESIAS RS, RODEMBUSCH FS, RUSSOWSKY D.  2012.  Photophysical properties of a series of 4-aryl substituted 1,4-dihydropyridines. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry. 25:769-777.