Degree as Industrial Chemist at Federal University of Santa Maria (1982); Specialization in Organic Chemistry at University of São Paulo (1983); One year experience in Food Industry, Santa Maria (1984); MSc in Organic Synthesis at State University of Campinas (1989); PhD in Chemistry from at State University of Campinas (1995); CNPq Scholarship Lecturer at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1996) Associate Professor in the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1997), Pos Doc Fellow at the State University of Campinas (2005). CNPq Productivity Scholarship (2009-2011 and 2015-2017). His experience in organic chemistry, with emphasis in Organic Synthesis, include the following topics: Synthesis Aminocarbonyl  and Enaminocarbonyl compounds, Eschenmoser Coupling reactions, Multicomponent Reactions of Biginelli and Hantzsch, Synthesis of biologically active Dihidropirimidinonas and Dihidropirinas, Synthesis via SOL/GEL process and applications of Metal/Silica composites as heterogeneous catalysts in Organic reactions. Use of solid Hydrotalcites as catalyst in Organic Synthesis and Synthesis of Low Molecular Weight Compounds with Biological activity (Small Molecules) Use of Chiral Thioureas and Squaramides as organocatalysts in the Michael-Type reactions. Synthesis of Lipophilic GABA derivatives as neuroactive molecules.