Paulo Faria is a full professor of philosophy at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and a CNPq Fellow Researcher. He works on metaphysics and epistemology, especially philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of time, propositional attitudes, and the history of analytic philosophy. He was a visiting researcher at New York University (1995), Rutgers University (1995-1996), the Jean Nicod Institute (2005-2006), the University of Chicago (2014) and again at New York University (2014). He was one of the founding members (2008) and later vice-president (2010-2012) of the Latin American Association for Analytic Philosophy (ALFAn). His recent works include the book Time, Thought, and Vulnerability (forthcoming), the paper "Vagaries of action and verities of meaning" (forthcoming), and the chapter on Bertrand Russell in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Memory (2017).