History of Medieval Philosophy, Second Scholasticism, Philosophy of Law

BA Philosophy, UFRGS (1990)
BA Law, UniRitter (2009)
MA Philosophy, UFRGS (1997)
PhD Medieval Philosophy, Université de Tours (2001)

Université de Paris I - Pantheon Sorbonne (2007)
Berkeley University (2016)

Alfredo Storck specializes in History of Medieval Philosophy with emphasis in metaphysics and 13th century authors (Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas). He has also published a number of studies on medieval moral and political thought. He is also interested in the history of medieval legal thought and its connection with theology and politics.

Since 2007, he is a member of the Seminar of Philosophy of Law where he develops research in this field and published articles on Herbert Hart's conception of law as well as in the history of law.

More recently, he has been working on the Second Scholasticism, mainly the reception of the Jesuit philosophy in Brazilian Colonial period and has published articles on the notions of indigenous slavery, probabilism, and restitution.