Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection Benchmark Problems Repository

The aim of this project is to provide a collection of benchmark problems for Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection from literature review.

The collection of benckmark problems are organized systematically according to the dificulty and the problem characteristic that is supposed to be tested.

The idea is to incremment the benchmark repository adding new problems and writing the problems in other languages, such as matlab, GAMS, python, C, C++, java and others.

EMSO Add-ons

  • Cálculo de QI após a reconciliação de dados no EMSO. 2009.

RecoVR simulation and optimization of water and wastewater networks in chemical industries

RecoVR is a tool for management of industrial water and wastewater. RecoVR can perform simulation with mass and composition balances, data reconciliation and water and wastewater networks synthesis.